Inaugural UK Fatherhood Awards shortlist announced for 2022

Press Release

The shortlist of the 2022 Fatherhood Awards has been announced; amongst those fathers being nominated for these inaugural awards are comedian Rob Beckett and Mark Hoyle, better known by his Pseudonym ‘Lad Baby’. Both are shortlisted in the Funniest Father category. The awards, which are the first people’s choice awards to recognise fathers’ achievements on social media in the UK, will be announced just before Father’s Day on 18th June 2022 at the Streatham Space Project, London. The awards recognise and celebrate fathers online, those who present positive role models; as the awards mission statement states, the awards exist: “To recognise and celebrate fathers who have stepped out from the shadows into their fatherhood light and have illuminated the way for other current and future fathers. to step into theirs.” The Fatherhood Awards hope to emulate the success of the GLOMAMMA awards, dubbed the ‘Baftas’ for mothers; the GLOMAMMA awards celebrated their fourth year in 2022, awarding the achievements of mothers on social media. The Fatherhood awards have been co-founded by the founder of GLOMAMMA, Agnes Ageypong and 35-year-old father of five, Donald Mbeutcha. Mr Mbeutcha decided, after losing his fourth child through miscarriage in 2019, that he wanted to do more to help other fathers who may be feeling isolated and alone.

He said: “When I was at my very lowest, I found it challenging to find fathers online that I could relate to. In our society, it has been the case that fathers are expected to get on with it, at work and at home. I looked for places where fathers could admit how they felt and speak about these complex topics; I found
very few. “I hope these awards will provide fathers with the confidence to talk about their emotions. That they know, we can struggle with family and work life and still be amazing fathers.”

The awards feature nine categories voted on by over 12,000 people online. Categories include favourite new father, best community group, best campaign, funniest father, best ‘dadpreneaur’, best podcast, most inspiring father, best Instagram page and a people’s choice award for father of the year.

Nominated in the best campaign category is Riaan Remembers, a campaign set up by the parents of Riaan, who died aged just seven months old, in 2020. His father Raj states that the Riaan Remembers campaign aims to: “give back to institutions that spend every day looking after children of all ages, their parents and families.” The campaign has raised over £10,000 in funds to: “enhance the patient experience and create environments that provide the level of comfort required in what can sometimes be quite tough circumstances both for the child and their families.” According to Raj. Speaking about the nomination of the campaign in the Fatherhood Awards, Raj said: “My 7-month-old baby boy sadly passed away in November 2020, and I still consider myself to be a father; but for someone else to still look at me, or think of me, and see a father, is everything. “For someone to see ‘Fatherhood Awards’ and think of me, where fatherhood is mentioned, is all I need. I am so grateful that Riaan Remembers has been nominated for Best Campaign. My wife and I try to use our grief and story to help others. It isn’t easy, but we do it in Riaan’s name. I am honoured and humbled by the nomination.”